Why Choose Income For Life?

At Income For Life LLC, we are regularly approached by retirees and pre-retirees who have heard of us through a friend, family member or colleague, have found us online through our websites or have read one of our national publications about our ideas for successful retirement income planning. Many start out just curious to know more about who we are and what we do, and as they start researching various options for retirement income planning, they begin to ask themselves:

“Is Income For Life LLC the best firm to help with my retirement income planning needs – and why?”

Great question. We hear it all the time. As a result, we have prepared the top four reasons — as collected from our clients — why you should consider Income For Life LLC as a partner for your retirement income and financial planning needs:

Reason #1: We are independent.

We are an independent retirement income strategies firm, which means we have relationships with a number of top-rated insurance companies. As a result, we have the ability to work for our clients, helping them find insurance products, such as a retirement annuity, that fit their retirement goals and needs.

Reason #2: This is all we do.

Specializing in a particular field is very important – and retirement planning is no exception. Just like a specialty doctor, lawyer or CPA, Income For Life is widely considered to be national experts in guaranteed retirement income planning because we have chosen to specialize in this strategy exclusively. With over 15,000 different strategy choices, we are of the view that 100% of our focus, time and energy should be directed towards safe income planning in order to maintain top quality advice and results for our clients.

Reason #3: We have significant experience with hybrid annuities.

Fixed Index Annuity products (often called hybrid annuities) are contractually guaranteed* to never lose money while potentially providing a guaranteed* income stream for LIFE** — and also allow you to participate in any gains of the linked, independent index, with no exposure to stock market risk. Annuity riders for additional premium may be available to help fight inflation costs, too. Meanwhile, you retain access to a portion of the money every year, in addition to the income stream.

Reason #4: Each Retirement Income Strategy Is Completely Customizable To Your Unique Situation!

There is no one size fits all scenario. Your family’s needs, goals and objectives are uniquely yours and we help to make your retirement income plan match your exact needs!

The act of retiring is easy, but staying retired is hard!

Why, you may ask? Well because retirement has different rules than when you were working for a paycheck. Everyone dreams about what life will be like not having to clock in from 8-5 but most don’t properly plan for the changes that happen. What changes are we referring to?

Change in your attitude, tolerance and capacity for investment risk in retirement:


How you feel about the retirement nest egg that you’ve worked so hard to save. What you want to do with those savings and how you want to spend your time.

Risk Tolerance

How much investment or market risk you are willing to stomach with your savings. How much market volatility can you handle and not make rash emotional decisions that can greatly impact your lifestyle?

Risk Capacity

In retirement, you need to manage your lifestyle off your hard-earned savings and your social security benefits. Your “Capacity” for risk is different than your tolerance for risk.

Many of our clients talk about continued employment in retirement and we think that’s an amazing option if it fits what you want to do and how you want to spend your time. But when that time comes, many of our clients choose not to and according to Employee Benefit Research Institute, our clients are not alone. In their 2017 study they said that 79% of pre-retirees expect to have some sort of continued employment in retirement, but only 29% do so. Retiring is such a drastic change that the best laid plans sometimes don’t come to fruition. At Income for Life we focus on creating dynamic retirement income strategies to meet your needs in this ever-changing world.

With corporate pension plans vanishing you need ways to create pension like income streams in retirement. The foundation of steady guaranteed income in retirement can be the difference between running out of money in retirement and living the lifestyle you’ve saved so hard for. Take a look at the graphic below. To sum up the information – Retirees with not pension like income strategies are more likely to run a deficit in retirement.

At Income For Life, we take the process of planning for these changes and implementing the appropriate strategies very seriously.

We hope this information helps you in determining if our team at Income For Life LLC is the team for you. We are honored that you are considering our firm to assist you with your retirement income needs.

Contact us to meet with our expert financial planner about your retirement income. Many clients have written a testimonial about our financial planning, so check them out too.

Retiring is easy, but staying retired is difficult.

We specialize in making sure our clients stay retired.

*Annuity guarantees rely on the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurer. Annuities are insurance products that may be subject to fees, surrender charges and holding periods which vary by carrier. Annuities are NOT FDIC insured.
**Some fixed index annuities may have a lifetime income guarantee as part of the base policy; others may have riders availablefor additional premium that provide this benefit. By contacting us you may be offered information regarding the purchase of insurance products.
Corporate Office: Income For Life LLC 3310 SW Harrison St. Topeka, KS 66611 (785) 215-8884 


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Colton G.
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Income For Life is an outstanding company and resource for finding the very best income solutions for folks across the country. I would recommend Income For Life to anyone who is looking to create a retirement income plan.
Dustin L.
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Love the way this company uses its expertise to help others and use its platform to help others to become familiar, and a part of, Fold of Honor!
Mindy P.
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Delightfully professional, persistent, and really absolutely excellent communication .


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