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The Income For Life Retirement Plan

Why hasn't your financial advisor ever mentioned this to you?

Reason 1: Most financial advisors are unaware of this opportunity and may lack the experience required to harness its full potential for your benefit.

Reason 2: Many financial advisors recommend financial products and solutions mandated by their companies, possibly limiting your financial options.

As a consequence, fewer than 20% of Americans have set up what we refer to as an Income For Life Retirement Plan, while more than half the population relies on taxable 401(K), 403B and 457 Plans and personal brokerage accounts, possibly leaving their retirement vulnerable without adequate protection from the possibility of outliving this wealth.

With Many Tax-Deferred 401(K), 403B and 457 Plans and personal brokerage accounts:

Fees Everywhere: There are often undisclosed fees that can slowly but steadily erode your retirement savings over time.

Your money isn’t liquid: Accessing your funds can be difficult, and early withdrawals can incur penalties of up to 10%.

Your money isn’t guaranteed or protected: Many investments may be subject to market fluctuations with limited downturn security.

Running out of money is a possibility: As you make withdrawals, your savings could eventually run dry.

In contrast, the Income For Life Retirement Plan offers:

No plan fees: You keep 100% of your hard-earned money.

Guaranteed interest rates: Your money can grow at a fixed rate, even during market downturns.

Liquidity: Your account allows penalty free withdrawals up to a certain percentage each year.

Protection: Regardless of market performance, your money is protected from market losses.

Lifelong financial security: You can choose to maximize income during your lifetime or establish a legacy for loved ones or a chosen charity.

What People Are Saying

"Today, many Americans are facing a retirement crisis because they are at risk of running out of money in their retirement."

– Jason Fichtner, head of the Retirement Income Institute, chief economist at Bipartisan Policy Center

"Sounds too good to be true, right? I had my fiduciary advisor dig beneath the surface, and he discovered that not only was it legit, but also it was attracting billions in annual deposits from baby boomers like me."

– Tony Robbins, Money: Master The Game

"Americans should convert at least half of their retirement savings into a lifetime income strategy."

– US Treasury Department

"Rule #1 is never lose money. Rule #2 is never forget rule #1."

– Warren Buffet

"These lifetime income strategies are one of the most important investment vehicles we have."

– Dr. Jeffrey Brown, advisor to the US Treasury and the World Bank, appointed to the Social Security Advisory Board


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Colton G.
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Income For Life is an outstanding company and resource for finding the very best income solutions for folks across the country. I would recommend Income For Life to anyone who is looking to create a retirement income plan.
Dustin L.
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Love the way this company uses its expertise to help others and use its platform to help others to become familiar, and a part of, Fold of Honor!
Mindy P.
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Delightfully professional, persistent, and really absolutely excellent communication .


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