Fixed Annuities

A traditional fixed annuity provides a guaranteed interest rate for a specific number of years. Fixed annuities offer fixed interest rate periods, typically over one, three, five, seven or 10 years, as well as a variety of annuitization payout options — including the option for guaranteed income for life.

With a fixed annuity, you defer paying taxes on the interest earned in the contract until you begin taking withdrawals or receiving scheduled annuitization payments. Once you begin withdrawals, they will be taxed as ordinary income and, if you take withdrawals prior to age 59 1/2, a 10 percent federal additional tax may apply. Tax deferral may allow your assets to grow faster than in an alternative financial vehicle that is taxed annually.

The fixed annuity can help you conservatively accumulate assets to help cover fixed living expenses in retirement.

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“The Treasury and the IRS are announcing steps that will ease regulatory barriers in the market for annuities and other forms of lifetime income.”

Conservative Gains, Consistent and Safe Results

When is a fixed annuity the right choice for you

While most of the time, you will hear immediate annuities referred to as just that, immediate annuities, they can also be called income annuities or payout annuities. This is because an immediate annuity is one you pay a lump sum into and start receiving guaranteed payments in as little as 12 months

You are looking for predictable and consistent returns.

You are looking for a simple investment option.

You don’t want your investment tied to the stock market.

You want the benefits of deferring taxes on the financial gains.

You are looking for guaranteed returns and income for retirement.

Why choose a fixed annuity over other investment options?

In short, a fixed annuity is a long-term savings plan through an insurance company that guarantees that your principal is returned to you and the interest that is accrued at a fixed rate over the term of the policy.

Other options, like CDs and 401(k) options to not provide the same benefits that can be part of a fixed annuity product. Consider the following benefits to a fixed annuity over CDs in your retirement portfolio.

Unlike CDs, which are taxed annually, fixed annuities are tax-deferred.

Rider provisions can allow fixed annuities to be inherited by beneficiaries.

While annuities typically require higher minimum initial investments, the interest rates tend to be higher.

Navigating Retirement Investing

Figuring out which annuities and investment options for your retirement portfolio are the best fit for you can often be a struggle.

With many different clauses and lots of fine print, understanding the best options to provide guaranteed income for your retirement can feel like a struggle. The team at Income for Life work hard to help you find the right solutions for your retirement portfolio and have extensive experience in the industry providing exclusive investment products. Contact Income for Life today for a free retirement review with a retirement investing specialist!  

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